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Witness Testimony From the Dungeons of Yemeni Prisons   Leave a comment


Prepared by: Ahmed Saif Hashed

Reported by Jane Novak


Complaints of children arrested with regard to Sa’ada war

In a violation for article 48 of the constitution and articles No. (70,11,13,72,73,76,77,172) from the law of court procedures. (ed- the children are imprisoned because they are Shiites.) The children mentioned below have been met by (The Parliamentary Committee on Rights and Freedoms) during the visit on 1/5/2007. The children have told us the following:

Nabil Mohamed Saleh, “I am 12 years old, the soldiers told me that the officer asks me to tell my younger brother to come, and we did come they caught us in their camp in Abs town for 2 weeks. They kept us in under ground floor, I told the soldier that my cousin is about to die, so he said let him die. After two weeks they transferred me to the political security in Al. Hudeida where we were imprisoned for 12 days. Until now we have been arrested since three months, we have been beaten by the soldiers and officers, we have been beaten with sticks while we were handcuffed. They beat us and lay us faces down”.

Hussein Ali Saleh al-Qu’ait, “I am 13 years old and I am imprisoned since three months, first two weeks in Abs then another two weeks in the political security, we have been beaten, handcuffed, they beat us as soon as we arrive before even interrogating us. I saw Qasem Al jahf fainted while his head bleeding. Some of us have been made naked and they took off all our clothes”.

Yehya Ahmed Al-Dobi, “I am 12 years old. They came to my school – Al Salam School – at Fowt. They asked me to answer the commander, they took me to him and the commander sent me to Al Khamis prison. I stayed to months there, after that they took me to the political security where I was exposed to the extremely hot sun for hours; they kept me hungry and thirsty. They arrested me in a cell. I have got now pimples on my body from the prison, and they refuse to give me any medicine”.

Abdulkhalik Mofarah Khursan, “I am 11 years old. They took me from my school- Al Taqwa School at al Fowt- the soldiers asked me to answer the commander telling me that I will go back to my family they took me to Khamees Maran prison. They kept me there for two months. Then they transferred me to political security prison and kept me there for three months where I was roasted under extremely hot sun for an hour and then they took me to a very crowded Isle; we were eighty-four persons there while there was no room for half of us. The cells in the political security are two-by-two meters. And I was transferred to the central prison in Hodaidah yesterday.”

Salah Ahmed Salah Afara, “I am 12 years old and I am in prison since about three months. They took me from my school – Marteer Ghathaya – at Khamees Marran. They asked me to answer to the police commander telling me that I will go back to my family soon. Then they jailed me in an underground room at Khameed Mrran where I was kept for two months; then they transferred me with the second batch to the security police where I was exposed to the sun and they left me four days on the necked floor. After that, they gave me a mattress and put me in a cell for a month. Then I was transferred to the central prison.”

Mohamed Yahya Saleh al-Kuaayd, “I am 14 years old from Marran. When they arrested me, they told me it is for security reasons. I am in prison since about three months. They took me from my house and to answer to the commander. Then they transferred me to Abs. A Colonel from Abs camp told us that he wants true information from us or he will kill us. We were four young boys. Then they transferred us to the political security where we were beaten very hard and broke my arm and treated it later. They kept us in closed cells where no fresh air and refused to allow using the lavatory. “

Yahya Mohammed Kasem Gahaf, “I am 14 years old. They took me from my house and asked me to answer to the commander. They imprisoned me at Al-Gamima. They kept me there for nine days, two of them without food or drink. We were nine of us. After that they transferred us to Al-Khamees where the soldiers beat us by their rifles kicked us, they degraded us, they insulted our families. The soldiers told us that they will take us to Al-Hodaidah and … After that they transferred to the security police where I am now in prison for two months and half.”

Abdulrahim Quail Abdullah, “I am 14 years old. They took me from the street while I was going to the school – AlTadamoun School at AlMajazeen and asked me to answer to the commander for two hours and I will go back to school. Then they jailed me in an underground for a month. They opened the door every other day. They denied us pray. Police investigator said to me, “Tell the truth and I will let you go home.” but they transferred me to Abs and then to the political security. I am in prison now with my father, my uncle, and my brother. We have a big family that nobody taking care of. I am in prison since three months and what happened to my colleagues has happened to me.”

Zakarya Hussein Ahmad, “I am 14 years old I was jailed at Khamees Mrran where for 7 days then they transferred me to the political security, my leg is injured, a soldier shot it. I am in prison now with my father, and 3 of my uncles. We have a family that nobody is taking care of.”

Hammed Abdullah Jarallah, “I am 14 years old. They took me from my house in Marran, and asked me to answer to the commander of the police, and that I will leave soon. On arrival he ordered me to the sell. They kept me there for 20 days, after that they transferred mere to political security. What happened to my colleagues has happened to me.”

I started with the kids to get your attention. If you can stand it, testimony below the fold includes:

-When they execute you, they don’t allow your family to visit.

-The judge sentenced me to be imprisoned and stoned till death.

-Rice even a cock can’t eat.

-When you go to them, they tell you the nurse did not come.

-The coroner says that I am a virgin.

-Arrested without any charge or committing any crime.

-Hot, crowded and full of disease.

-Sentenced with four years and jailed eight years.

-My opponents are torturing me.

-He raped me and denied it and two years without a verdict.

-They put an electrical cable on my annus.

-While I was hung, they used black cable.

From Dammar center of Investigation, a torture complaint

“My name is Ali Mohammed Ali Nasser. I was beaten by the police of Investigation upon my arrival to prison and remains are still on my back. I have been here for ten days. They put an electrical cable on my annus. They still torture me to force me into confession”

“My name is Yousif Mohamed Nasser AL-Haimy. I have been here for eleven days with a charge of stealing a mobile. They did not refer me to the court of law, rather, they beat me on before-the-past Wednesday, smacked me, hung me on a piece of Iron. While I was hung, they used black cable. My hands are still swollen, so are my feet and my face”.

Mohamed Ali Mohsen from Aden – Al Shikg Othman – is imprisoned in the dungeons of the political security since one year and half, he was accused that he wrote a letter to the president of the republic regarding the deteriorated conditions and corruption in the political security and he is still imprisoned. A memo from the general prosecutor based on a plea from the family of the imprisoned, demanded that the president of the political security should either release him or transfer him to the prosecution authority, but the political security proved once again that he is above the law – this case was recorded on 26/9/2007.

From the central prison in al Hudeida The cases mentioned below have been observed by us during the visit of the liberties and rights committee of the parliament on 1/5/2007. Although imprisoned in relation to Sa’ada war, none were accused or brought to court.

Khaled Taib Ghuthaia: “I was called upon by the commander of the brigade among many people; some have been taken from their house and their farms. He kept us for three months and some for two months and others for one month. We were in prison at Al Jamima School and Al Ghuthaia School and other schools. We saw them shelling the houses by tanks and artillery, and exploding the houses by dynamite. Then they took us handcuffed to abs camp and they kept us in an underground room where there is no fresh air. About twenty persons fainted. They denied us eating and drinking, after fifteen days in the underground room where there are people kept for more than two months, they transferred us to political security in al hudeida where we were beaten while handcuffed and later we were sent to the central jail of al hudeida. We were about eighty and there were bigger groups. The treatment in the central prison was good relatively because we were offended many times before. In the prison, we found elderly of eighty and seventy and sixty years old as well as ten years old children”

Abdullah Ali Hamza : “I am from Fawt district in sa’ada they called upon six of us from our houses. Mohamed Ahmed Jami’l hanish, Yahya Mohamed Ibrahim Al ajri, abdalah Mohamed Ibrahim Al ajri, Hasan Abdulrahman Alqasim, Abdulsalam Ibrahim Alajri. They told us to answer the commander when we arrived they told us that he is busy. Then, they jailed us handcuffed us and they treated us badly. The police commander (Alfirasi) asked me to give up my car so that he can use it, I refused, and after that they handcuffed us and sent us to the political security. I have been jailed now for more than two months”.

Salman Hamel min aal al Samiq: “I am from Al Dhaher district, I was driving some patients form my family to the clinic. When I reached to al madafen checking post I handed over my gun, and I continued my way. The soldiers told that they will hand back my rifle when I come back. On my return and while the patient females were in the car the soldiers detained me and transferred me to harad where they took everything I posses, blind folded me and since then I don’t know what happened to the females on my car. What they took was mu rifle, my dagger (Jambia ), my mobile phone, two ID cards, my car and sacks of wheat that I bought and kept on my car. I am detained since three months. No one of family has an idea regarding my whereabouts and I don’t know anything about them”.

Saleh Daifallah Almutairi: “I was called upon by the commander when he saw me he detained me in Aljamima and he denied me going to the bathroom. I stayed there for a month and twelve days then they transferred me to abs. Five men fainted in abs cells. They detained us for about fifteen days, then they transferred us to the political security chuckled. There we were beaten up, broke my hand, and later I was treated in the central prison. My detention just entered its fourth month”.

Ahmed Daifallah Salem Alhaqami: I was among the second Batch taken. They detained us at khamees Maraan for two months in under ground cells then they attacked us in the prison, and handcuffed us. My son came to me in the prison among others and told us has harvested our Qat farms and took away our flour and refused to any supplies to our house. After two months they transferred us to political security at midnight, there they roasted us for two hours under the hot sun. They beat up anyone that has a piece of cloth over his head. We remained twenty days in their custody in their under ground dungeon and never allowed to go out from it, some of us were infected. The food was a piece of bread in the morning and evening, very bad food indeed”.

Mohamed Yahyah Daifallah: “I was arrested on 16/2/2007 we were in a mission, the medical doctors at al khamees centre salah ahmed salem ridwan and my self, abdulkareem saleh dafshan came with us. Our official mission was to reicieve medicine from haradh for the centre. Upon return they took us from the checking point to almohsen camp where we were detained for fourteen days , then they transferred us handcuffed to the prison they looted the medicine which costs hundred and thirty thousand and another hundred and ten thousand in cash and two mobile phones that costs eighty thousand. We demanded their return upon our arrival to the political security centre but they said there is nothing. More than forty five days past and still the political security says it’s not there”.

Saleh Mahdi Salem : “I am from Nawar, age sixty. The commander called upon us we were detained upon arrival for a month and a half. While detained the exploded our houses, they took our sheep, I am still detained while my family have no place (homeless), they sent me to the political security where I suffered like my colleges”.

Hussein Saleh Mohamed Jra’an: “I am from Fowt area. We were called upon by the commander, ordered us to guard our mountains, we did and nothing happened not even one bullet. Then they said come to the commander he will give you money and supplies, instead they detained us for a full mlonth at Alkhamees and another month in the political security”.

Ahmed Nasser Abdullah AlMahram I am from Saqeen district from Sada’a they took me from my farm along with my uncle and his two sons; nobody was left except the females with half sack of flour for supplies. They told me to answer to the commander, we answered to him. The soldiers took my (apple brand) blankets and my personal rifle that I use for watching the farm. After that they transferred us to Haidan and detained us for a month, then they transferred us khamis Marran where they detained us for two days without food, they didn’t feed us but beat us then they transferred us to the political security.

Complaints from Jailed persons for criminal accusations at the central prison in AL-Houdaida


Hot, crowded and full of disease

The Capacity of the central prison in AL-Hodaida is 350 prisoners only while it accommodates more than 1220 prisoners. The prison is very crowded, the heat is very high, the patients are not attended to, water can be cut for a long time and some of the water taps are broken. The reserve prison attached the central prison has no car, when a patient is ill and needs to be transferred to the hospital they have to rent a taxi or big for transportation.

An insane

Fadhl Mohammed Qassem AlDobi is insane, mad, and was never transferred to a clinic.

Arrested without any charge or committing any crime

Molki Mohammed yousif, age 24 was detained since one month. She complained that she was not provided with a mattress or even with a blanket, she is very hungry and did not wash for a month. She added that she has no family or anybody to ask for her.

Syphilis in the prison

Soad Mohammed Hassan Suffers from syphilis with a high discharge, she was not quarantined although her disease is contagous. She was sentenced with one year in the first degree court and she was supposed to be released but, the appeal court sentenced her for three years. Her health condition is very bad and no health care what so ever was provided, the ugly condition of her disease makes you shy away and repelled. When we asked why she was not transferred to a hospital or to a quarantine facility, we were told that the main public hospital in AL-Hodaida refused to receive her.

A penniless lady

Fatima Hassen Mohammed said that she have been jailed several months beyond her sentenced period because she couldn’t pay the sentenced amount YR 350,000 and that she has four small children.

Penniless persons

Mohammed Ali AlShadheli was sentenced by the first degree court to pay back YR 170,000 and to be fined YR 120,000 and to six months suspended jailed time and the appeal court canceled the fined and decided that time spent in jail was enough but he was not released till now and his is in jail since 5/9/2004. He said that he has nobody to get bankruptcy note from AlSohra court and I can’t do anything while I’m in jail and I don’t know how long I am going to stay in prison.

Tariq Mohammed Saif AlQadasi: “I was sentenced to pay YR 2,600,000 and YR 600,000 as a find, I have bankruptcy note and I am in jail for five years and I don’t know till when I will be detained”.

Mohammed Said Garsab AlQadasi: “I am in jail since two years and five months, I was not sentenced by court and I am detained in order to pay YR 672,000. I don’t have a bankruptcy note because I have nobody to follow up on my behalf and I am in jail and can’t do anything about it”.

Ali Mohsen Alsendi: “I am in jail for eight months on case of paying back YR 157,000 the court sentenced me since seven months and I didn’t receive a copy of the sentence”.

Ahmed Obaid Omar AlAhdal: “The court sentenced me a year in prison a paying back YR 470,000 plus a fined of 150,000. I am in jail for two years and eight months; I don’t have a bankruptcy note or anybody to help me”.

A Saudi citizen: I want the Chief Prosecutor

Fahd Nasser Aldosari: “I am from Saudi Arabia, the first degree court sentenced me for six years, and the appeal court annulled the primary court sentence and sentenced me instead to pay a man slaughter blood money and deportation. The money is available and the guarantee is available and I want the chief prosecutor to explain to him I was in jail for five years”.

Sentenced with four years and jailed eight years.

Ahmed Sa’ad Mohammed AlAhmadi: “The fist degree court in Rayma sentenced me for four years and the appeal court in Hodaida approved and sentenced me to pay YR 1,100,000. I am a pour person and have a bankruptcy note but I am in jail for six years because I didn’t pay the required amount. The prosecutor office of Rayma says it is Hodiada prosecutor issue and vice versa. I have a big family of twenty two between females and children and nobody to care for them”.

Faisal Yousif Nasser: I was jailed four years in the juvenile detention center. I am eighteen now and I was trialed yet”.

The new judge has a stork

Allaallah Mohammed AlHosami: I am from Al Jafarai Rayma, I’m in jail for six years without a trail. Now they say that the new judge has a struck and I am still without a trail and jailed since 2002 they should have jailed me in Rayma province. My family can not visit me or follow up my case here. If you need a copy of the integrations you should get them from Rayma. At first they took me to Rayma court which says that the jurisdiction of Hodaida south court but the south court was put under the jurisdiction of Rayma court by decree of the minister of justice”.

Since 2005, the primary did not decide

Mohammed Hamood Usof AlHakami: “I am from east of AlHosainia. I am in jail since 18/11/2005; the fist degree court didn’t make a verdict. The case is with judge AlSharafi. The last time the court decided to adjourn for two weeks but a month had passed and this happens always”.

My opponents are torturing me

Abdulqasim Hussain: “I am from Zabid, the primary sentenced me for four years the appeal for five. The opponents send me a message here that they are going to appeal after years to Sana’a appeal court. I demand that the prosecution office give them a copy of the verdict so that they don’t torture me and keep me in jail for long period. I also want a copy of the verdict for myself”.

I demand the high court to make it’s verdict

Mansoor Abdullah Ahmed Shajhah: “I am in jail since six years. The primary court sentenced ten years in jail and blood money and the appeal court sentenced me to death. Now the case is in the high court, I begged them to make their verdict this way or the other; I am fid up with the stole and delay”.

When the execute you, they don’t allow your family to visit

Yahya Ali Hadi: “I am from Bajel. I am jailed since six years, the primary and the appeal courts sentenced me to death the high court announced me in the druidical magazine six months ago, I want the way out this way or the other. When they are to execute you, they only tell you in the night before and do not allow your family to visit you, to take your will or give you a chance to see your children and say good bye”.

I want a copy from the verdict

Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed: “The first degree sentenced me three years, blood money and YR 1,000,000 expenses. I demand a copy of the sentenced from AlZaidia prosecution office, they didn’t provide me with one, I want to know how long should I stay in jail according to the sentence”.

Rice even a cock can’t eat

Solaiman Abdo Kaid Hossain: “There is no medicine in jail. A chicken is distributed among twelve prisoners. Even a cock cannot eat the rice provided. Medicine does not reach us”.

They sell the medicine to the prisoners

Ameen Ahmed Mohammed AlSharqi: “I am in jail since five years and I am sick for six days I informed the management and the officer in charge but they didn’t care. I have a pain in my throat, headache and dizziness”.

When you go to them, they tell you the nurse did not come.

on and tells you to buy it from outside, every time they tell you to buy from outside, medicine is sold to the haves and the no haves gets nothing.

Delays in informing us with the high court verdicts

ons and tell you to buy it with your own money; most of the prisoners have no money. The sentenced which has been forwarded to the high court we have not been informed with its result since a year and a half or two years, we don’t know what is the reason of the delay. They should provide a feed back as soon as it arrives so that the prisoner can have a peace of mind”.

Sentenced for three years and jailed for three and a half

Ibrahim Hamid AlAhdal: “Bait AlFaqeeh court sentenced me three years, they have passed and I’m now three years and half in jail, I demand a release even with a guarantor. My case is in front of the appeal court, it was a murder case and my brother has been sentenced to death”.

Saleh Nasser Ibrahim AlAhmadi: “I am passing through the fifth year in jail, during two or three sessions in Rayma court, they say its south Hodaida jurisdiction. I refused in front of the judge and asked him to transfer me to the proper court and he refused”.

Mohammed Saad AlJubari: “I am from Rayma in jail since three year, the primary sentenced me for two years, and my case is in the appeal court. The primary prosecution agreed to release me with a guarantee but the appeal refused, I am jailed a year and a half above my sentenced”.

From the dungeons of Dammar central Prison, May 2007

Total prisoners 676 while jail capacity is 400 prisoners only. There is on reserve jail in Dammar. The health care budget of the prison diminished from 50000 YR to 42000YR only.

Prisoners without crime in the background of sa’da war

Hasan Mohamed abdulah al-Washali: “I am from Dammar, age 52, father of eight. Two security patrol cars came to my house and took me to the political security in Dammar on 23/2/2007 only after a week of arresting my son Ahmed Hasan Al washli on 16/2/2007. No charges were pressed. I was not transferred to the court. They said it was I prevention imprisonment. My health condition is bad. I have been taken in an ambulance to the main hospital of thamar several times. The medical records say that I suffer a heart blood circulation deficiency and a cardiac arrest”.

Mohamed ahmed alkhojah: “I am a teacher with a high diploma, married and the father of three. I was arrested in 16/2/2007 by the political security in Dammar and detained there; the conditions and the dealings in jail are bad. I have been detained for seven months by the political security without any charge or transfer to court. This is the second time that I have been taken from my home and from my children and relatives without any guilt or charge. I have lost my hearing ability last time and I was not allowed to get medical help. This time also I am suffering the same disease and I was not allowed to be treated. I was suffering also from a burn in my urine and a disease of joints”.

Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed Aldailami: “Two police cars took me from my house in 16/2/2007 and detained me in the political security in Dammar. My mother is almost insane at home, my sick father died after my detention, his heart condition deteriorated severely. I tried while in jail to allow me to visit him but in vain. I wasn’t transferred to court and no charges were pressed despite me being in jail for 4 months. They say that I am in preventary custody on the background of sa’ada events which I am not related to in any way. I am in jail suffering pain in my joints due to lack of movements. I lost my job and my family’s life conditions became more difficult. Because of jail I had to stop the preparation of my master degree. In jail water is scarce, sanitary is bad, and no ventilations. Visits are not allowed except on Fridays”.

Ali Ahmed Saleh Alawsh: “ I am detained in the political security in thamar since 4 months without any guilt or charge. I suffer from psychological and neural stress due to the pressure and hardships in detention. I suffered several times from severe neural episodes. The food of the prison is not good for human consumption. We are always locked and pass urine in water cans.

Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Hatem: “I am detained since three months in the political security without charge they asked me to go to them in a telephone call. But it seems that the case is predetermined judgment without guilt or crime. My six children are all sick by light small pox while I am in jail. My wife had a major operation and I don’t know what her condition is. I am the eldest among my brothers, my profession is teaching, and my brothers one is a 94 war martyr and the other is with the government in sa’ada”.

Abdulkarim Ali Abdallah Musa: “I am from Dhuran Ans , a medical doctor. The security manager called me and asked me to answer to him. They took me suddenly and didn’t bother to inform my family. I am detained since three months in the political security in Dammar. I asked them to transfer me to the prosecution office and they refuse. My brother is an officer fighting with the government in Maran in the first and the second war of sa’ada while I am jailed in the political security in Dammar. They don’t allow us to read or write. I demand to be released or transferred to the general prosecution office. Our main demand is freedom. They just threw us here and left”.

Ali Ahmed Ali Fare: “I am jailed since four months in the political security in thamar. I don’t know what my charge is. They came to my house in military patrol cars and I don’t know why. They terrorized my children and female relatives I didn’t do anything wrong and no charges were pressed. I don’t know AlHothi except through the radio. The central security detained me on the order of the political security. I have two brothers fighting against alhoothi. Omar in the first armed brigade and mohsen with al amaliqa forces. My wife is sick, and suffered both breaks in her leg she was supposed to go under the knife since two months. I am sick in jail since 15 days. I suffer from pain in my chest and an infection in my right ear”.

From the female section in the central jail of Dammar, The judge sentenced me to be imprisoned and stoned till death

Asma Abdulrahim Aldailami: “If I have been educated I wouldn’t have been here. They forged my age in the file and made it 20 while I am 16 according to the coroner. My father refused to let me marry me my fiancé. We ran away to Dammar where we were arrested and detained. My father came and gave a testimony against me saying that I am a married woman. The judge sentenced me to two years imprisonment and to be stoned till death, the judge is a member of our family. I am now sick and sometimes I go into a coma and nobody visits me”.

The coroner says that I am a virgin

Dalal Mohamed Afif: “I am 16 years old I was charged to be in a private condition with a man. I ran away from my family to my sister. They caught me and said that I ran away. They beat me up in the criminal investigation police and forced me to confess by force that I am a runaway and committed adultery. I am a virgin; the coroner report assures that I am a virgin”.

He raped me and denied it and two years without a verdict

Hayat Mohamed Abas: “I am two years in jail without any sentence. My cousin raped me after he sedated me and denied it. He gave them ( ……. ) and they let him go.

Eight months without a verdict

Zuhoor Aziz Ali: “I am twenty one and I am in jail since 8 months. I was not sentenced yet, the charge was adultery, my husband divorced me and my mother cut the paper into pieces”.

The judges are not just

A. E : “They sentenced me to one year and a hundred lashes. I have nobody to appeal on my behalf. I am in jail for more than one year”

E. SH: “The guard which locks us brings medicine from outside and when they gave me money I gave them. Sometimes the governor or the ministry of social affairs pays us three thousand per month, but they didn’t pay except this month. Our rulers are unjust”.

They acquitted who committed the crime with me

Hafsa Ma’ad Ahmed Moharem: “I am 18 years old. I am in jail since a year and a half. The primary court sentenced me 11 years and a half. Who committed the crime with me because he didn’t confess in the criminal investigation? I appealed my appeal is in the appeal court. Four men interrogated me. There were four

A Somali beating at a police station

“My name is Abdulkader Mohammed Mahmood, from Somalia. I have been in Yemen for six years, I am married, tow children. I work for Miad market. They give me seventeen thousands YR per a month. I was imprisoned in the Sawan-based, Al-wahda police station. I was brutally beat by six identifiable figures to make me confess stealing a mobile. I asked for evidence, yet they forced me to sign on the papers, let me sleep on the ground. My head ache me and I’ m not able to take breath.

Complaints from the Sawan-based Al-wahda police station, Sana’a governorate

Haider Mohammed Mulhy: “I wrote on a piece of paper “Dear Bush, give a release to Mohammed Ali Al.moaid and all prisoners”. Tow soldiers came and promised to take me to the embassy, while they took me to the police station. They took my drugs, which was for the nerves and kidneys. They refused to give it back. Three soldiers beat me be heavily in front of the prisoners”.

Saleh Abdullah Al-shawbaty: “At 10 o’clock in the morning, on the public embassy street, they found me and forced me to get on the armed car. I have been, here and they neither asked what my problem nor let me out”.

Ahmed Muhsin Gameel He is a driver. He is jailed a long with a car-station representative. When a private-bus driver came, a soldier forced him to go to Sa’wan car-station, but the car-station representative pr objected. The soldier scornfully pushed him to the station, about consulting his manager on my arrest and the latter approved.

Mansour Ali Hussein Suleiman He is a bus-driver. The soldiers forced him to get out of the bus, telling him that his brother is a guilty of a crime. They said “we will jail you till your brother comes” and really they did.

Mohammed Abdullah Sa’ad AL-Gamal: “I have been arrested since yesterday. In fact, I found a child with a mobile in his hand. I took the mobile and gave it to its owner, who is a friend of mine. This friend came to police station to forgive me, but did not accept and shamefully took the mobile”.

Hussein Ali AL-Shuwaeiter: “I have been arrested since yesterday. They prevented me even from contacting the family to tell them that I am in prison. It is worth mentioning that my family does not know where I am”

Saleh Nasser Ali Yahia: “I am fifteen years old. They accused me of stealing a watch and selling for 300 Y.R. I have been with adult prisoners in the basement since yesterday”.

Abdullah Mohammed Muhsin AL-Mattary: “I went to the prison to visit a friend when the police officer forced me to sit beside my friend”

From AL-Beiddah prisons, an innocent prisoner

“My name is Ahmed Bin Ahmed Amer. I am from sarar, Qeifa district. I have been jailed since tow months by the mayor. He did not refer me to justice. When I asked him whether this campaign targets the suspects or the innocents, he put me into prison. I want to ask if my question was a crime or not. The criminals are now out of prisons. The village has handed over fifteen hostages from Sarar tribe at Rada’a central prison. I would like to demand concerned authorities to differentiate between the accused and the innocent because this situation encourages spread of crimes so long as this country searches for innocents. We strongly demand justice”.

Two hostages

The hostage Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, jailed at AL-Beidda’a central prison, narrates his tragedy as saying “I am a student, first year of secondary school. I have been in prison for three years. They arrested me at AL-Beiddah Market, in front of AL-Haiah hospital. I demand discharge for I am not a criminal”

Abdula’alem Ali Mohammed, a colleague of Mohammed Nasser, adds “I am also a student, second year of secondary school. I have been as a hostage for three months. We receive neither support nor visits and have no connection with what happens between “kazam” and “Hanashel” tribes. The mayor had jailed four hostages from “AL-Hanashel” and he let them out. Now I demand a release.

From Rada’a prison torture

“My name is Mohammed Bin Mohammed Saleh AL-Amry. I called for a forensic examiner to declare the brutal torture of the security apparatuses but they refused. I have been here for six months. I had been hung for a month, tortured after the first Islamic Eid in an isolated basement by identifiable figures to force me into confession. They used Acid, electricity and pincers from 2-4 o’clock in the morning”.

“My name is Ahmed Bin Ahmed Mahdy AL-Dafer. I have been in prison for eleven months with a charge of stealing a gun. I was subject to live cigarette remains, which are still visible on my hands, by a person referred to as (a.m)”.



Member of Parliament and Member of the Rights and the Freedom in the parliament. Publisher of Al “Mostakila” newspaper the chairman of the founding committee of change organization for defenders of freedom and rights.


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Subject  Witness Testimony From the Dungeons of Yemeni Prisons

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